jump to conclusions

jump to conclusions
jump to conclusions see under ↑jump1
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Main Entry:conclude
jump to conclusions
Come to a decision prematurely, based upon insufficient facts or consideration
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Main Entry:jump

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jump/leap/to conclusions phrase
to make a decision about something too quickly without knowing all the facts

He saw the two of them together and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Thesaurus: to make a wrong judgment or decisionsynonym
Main entry: conclusion

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I jump (or leap) to conclusions
make a hasty judgment before learning or considering all the facts
II jump (or leap) to conclusions (or the conclusion)
form an opinion hastily, before one has learned or considered all the facts

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jump to conclusions — see conclusion
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Main Entry:jump

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jump/leap to conˈclusions | jump/leap to the conˈclusion that… idiom
to make a decision about sb/sth too quickly, before you know or have thought about all the facts

There I go again— jumping to conclusions.

Main entry:conclusionidiom

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